Sublimate your smile simply, it is now possible thanks to the innovative cleaning towel Renov’Smile imagined by the creator Samuel.B.

Its simple, fast and unobtrusive use gives you the freshness you need, and effective tooth cleaning at any time of the day. The Renov’Smile wipe and its delicate fabric soaked with slightly minty grains allow cleaning of the teeth on the surface to eliminate stains and residue deposited on the teeth. In order to maintain this moment of pleasant beauty, its light, delicate fabric will bring a soft touch during this beauty moment.

A light minty scent, a subtle touch of pepper, a blend of products with 100% natural extracts will leave in the mouth a fresh scent, and a touch of minute brilliance between two appointments or after a gourmet break.

The Renov’Smile cleaning wipe is now part of your beauty ritual care, its unique packaging and easy to slip into his bag, the pocket of his blazer or makeup bag can be carried everywhere. The Renov’Smile wipe is revolutionary, a little jewelry signed Samuel.B.

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