Renov’Smile explores, invents and innovates in the world of dental cosmetics.

Since 2005, Renov’Smile has been taking a fresh look into the world of dental whitening products by giving birth to iconic accessories. Cosmetics, luxury, fashion and excellence are some words that have not escaped Samuel B., creator of the brand, who aspires to combine aesthetics and innovation.

A visionary of well-being, Renov’Smile has created a range that accents and dresses on a daily basis. We are now talking about collections: teeth whitening kit, dental wipe, toothpaste gloss, brush, mouth scent, haute couture of the french luxury dental cosmetic.

The brand is avant-garde and at the forefront of science while being attentive to the environment. She works in continuous collaboration with her laboratory dedicated to innovation. It has engaged the services of the best researchers and dentists. Several global patents have been filed, including the latest generation of gels based on 100% natural extracts.

Renov’Smile has chosen to install its offices at a prestigious address: Avenue des Champs Elysees, Paris.

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