Renov’Smile, the excellence of dental cosmetics made in France.

Thanks to dental cosmetics, taking care of your smile, your teeth, will be nothing more than a simple gesture of oral hygiene, but the joy of being irresistible.

Nowadays, the beauty imperatively passes by the brightness of a white enamel and by the glam of a brilliant smile. The smile is just as important as shiny, silky hair or bright skin.

Highlighting your teeth is Dare to smile, emphasize it as you make up your eyes.

For this, Renov’Smile innovates using the Biocarbonnate TX1 Gel, a new formula based on 100% natural extracts.

The tooth consists of a thin layer of semi-translucent enamel, under which is found the ivory dentine which strongly affects the color.

With its new formula, the active ingredients of Renov’Smile gel act on the enamel and allow your smile to regain its radiance.

Using the Renov’Smile whitening kit will become a quick and easy beauty gesture since 6 sessions of 10 minutes each are enough to restore the brightness of your smile by gaining up to 6 shades.

To prolong the whiteness benefit, renew your sessions every month thanks to our refills.

At home, in the subway, in the street, before an appointment, Renov’Smile accompanies you and reinvents the dental Makeup.

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